Another in my ongoing double exposure project using my vintage cameras. The idea is to expose a roll of film with someone in the frame, rewind the film then expose it again in the forest, at the beach, where ever. In a perfect world I would always remember to note which camera I first used on the exposed film. But sometimes, like here, I forget and end up using two different cameras!

It looks like the first exposure was with a 6x6 camera, probably my Rolleiflex. The second was definitely my Mamiya 645 with completely different framing (6x4.5 vs. the Rollei's 6x6). And the Mamiya runs the film through upside down compared to the Rollei.

A couple of the images actually look okay though, in spite of this mistake. And to be clear, I do this, in part, for the very random nature of the results. Although, this is a little more "random" than I'd like.

Thank you so much to Aly (IG: @alybeany) for being my model for this project.
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