My first serious nude shoot. I had done some nudes before Nicole but this is when I got serious. I still cringe when I look at most of the images I created but there are some gems too.
A favourite image from a photoshoot with Nicole a couple of years ago. I have a wonderful print of this that I have shown in a number of galleries in the last few years.
The Mystery of Curves
A friend popped over for a couple of hours this afternoon. I had my studio setup so suggested we spend some time being creative. She was full of wonderful ideas.
This is from my archives. A style of nudes that I've been working on for a few years now. Today's images are all models who are in their forties. (Sadly, I have had very few models over this age. Maybe one day there will be more?)
The future is nigh.
Another favourite image of mine from a photo shoot I did with a dear friend a few years back. I have had it printed and it has been on display in a number of gallery showings over these few years.
Hand on Hip
Offering II
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